WISCONSIN — In the wake of this week's announcement that Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) and Prevea Health plan to close several hospitals and health care facilities in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and throughout the Chippewa Valley, community leaders are left to figure out what comes next.

"We know what can happen when areas lose population," said Stephanie Hirsch, Eau Claire's city manager. "The Main Streets, the hospitals, the churches — it's harder for those to stay open because they don't have as many clients or patrons or members."

Hirsch said that Eau Claire specifically has been one of the fastest growing communities statewide over the past few years; she said losing one of its biggest hospitals will impact more than just Wisconsinites' health care options.

"It's sent shock waves through our community," Hirsch said. "Sacred Heart has been a pillar of our community. It's actually been around for 135 years. It's witnessed the births and deaths and every step in between for hundreds and thousands of people in our community."

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