WISCONSIN — A Wisconsin non-profit with a goal of helping people find jobs is making a big impact on veterans across the U.S.

Onward and Upward is a non profit with Prosperity Pathways. It’s an employment alternative to those facing homelessness and joblessness. It’s been around since 2015 and a large number of its clients are veterans.

It’s a program that brings veterans in, helps them seek, apply, and get a job working from home.

“We do it in a way that no one else is teaching. We would do the seeking finding and applying and then they would get the job. In fact 93% of the people who I work with on these three phases get interviews,” Onward and Upward CEO, Anna Maria Bliven says.

Bliven is an Army veteran herself. She says after spending 26 years in the Army, being able to give back to her fellow brothers and sisters in uniform means the world to her.

“It is a great feeling. It is a continuation, to tell you the truth, to what I did when I served in the military,” Bliven says.

Veterans Sarah Browder and Justin Jones have both been through the Onward and Upward training.

“When you leave the military, whatever branch it is… you are literally stripped of your identity. You do one job you are trained for; your uniform is the same as everyone else, PT, sense of camaraderie. Literally your identity is wiped out and you have to figure out who you are,” Browder says.

Which is why a transitional program like this Wisconsin based one is helping hundreds of veterans across the U.S. find a job and a new purpose after coming home from deployment.