BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A new $355 million Tyson Foods production facility is now officially open in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The 400,000-square foot plant will expand the company’s bacon production, with the ability to produce two million pounds a week.

What You Need To Know

  • A new Tyson Foods production facility is official open in Bowling Green, Kentucky

  • The 400,000-square foot plant will focus on bacon production

  • The company said it is expected to produce two million pounds of bacon a week

  • Production began at the plant in November 2023

In a news release, Tyson Foods said bacon represents over $1 billion in sales across retail and foodservice for the company.

Located in Warren County’s Kentucky Transpark, the new facility will create nearly 450 new jobs in southcentral Kentucky.

“Our innovative new plant in Bowling Green reflects a major investment that we are proud to make in southcentral Kentucky,” said Donnie King, president and CEO of Tyson Foods. “This enables us to focus on the health and safety of our team members while also delivering best-in-class service for our customers.”

“Bacon is a growing category based on consumer demand, both at home and at restaurants, and our expanded production will enable us to lead this growth and drive innovation,” said Melanie Boulden, group president of Prepared Foods and chief growth officer with Tyson.

The company said it selected Bowlin Green, in part, because of its proximity to “raw materials in the protein leader’s pork supply chain,” and to transportation infrastructure to aid in shipping.

Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Ky., celebrated the opening, saying, “The grand opening of Tyson Foods’ cutting-edge facility marks a significant leap in Kentucky’s economic development and job creation efforts. This plant embodies our vision for a flourishing Kentucky and symbolizes a new chapter of growth and prosperity in our state, thanks to Tyson Foods’ expansion.”

The company said it designed the plant with the safety and well-being of their team members as a priority. The plant will also utilize the help of high-tech robots, including driverless forklifts and autonomous guide vehicles, to perform essential tasks.

Tyson Foods said it was helping team members improve their skills by partnering with the Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College to offer technical training, including a robotics lab.

Production at the plant began in November 2023. 


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