BARDSTOWN, Ky. — Gone, but never forgotten; the City of Bardstown gathered Thursday night at the Bardstown Police Department in honor of officer Jason Ellis.

What You Need To Know

  • Bardstown police officer Jason Ellis was shot and killed in the line of duty May 25, 2013

  • Ellis’ murder remains unsolved, and no suspect has ever been publicly named 

  • Every May 25, officers, family and community members gather to remember Ellis’ life  

  • The FBI is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest in the case

Ellis was shot and killed in the line of duty after finishing his shift a decade ago. Every May 25 is somber for the City of Bardstown, but also a time of coming together.

“His loss has left an untellable void in our hearts and in the community that he held so dear,” said Bardstown police chief Kim Kraeszig.

Ellis died while he was heading home after his shift.

“He loved this profession, absolutely loved this profession, and he loved this town, he loved this community,” said former Bardstown police chief, Rick McCubbin.

Thursday, officers from around the Commonwealth, and family member gathered at the police department then at Ellis’ resting place to pay their respects and remember their partner, husband and friend.

“In this profession there are always those that dislike us, but at your dad’s funeral there were people who he had arrested that came. That speaks volumes of the type of person your dad was,” McCubbin said.

Ellis’ widow, Amy, was left to raise two boys without their father, never thinking she’d still not known who her husband’s killer was. His case is still unsolved.

“None of us thought we’d be here 10 years later with no answers and as hard as it is to say that out loud, I believe in God’s timing, and I believe in all the law enforcement agencies that have worked endlessly on his case,” Amy Ellis said.

Ellis joined the force in 2006 and was the city’s only K9 officer at the time. He also loved coaching his sons’ baseball teams.

“I choose to focus on who he was and what he stood for. I refuse to let evil, bitterness and anger take root within our hearts,” Ellis said.

This gathering and time of healing has been an annual tradition since Ellis’ murder. Amy Ellis says it won’t stop until there are answers, even if it takes another 10 years.

“We have no intent to stop; if Jason were still here, he wouldn’t stop serving and protecting us and this community, so in return we won’t stop gathering every year to honor his life,” Ellis said.

A suspect has ever been publicly named in Ellis’ death, but police are not giving up hope of finding the killer.

“We will not rest until the truth is revealed, justice is served and you’re in handcuffs,” Kraeszig said.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for any information leading to an arrest in Ellis’ case.

Anyone with information relating to Ellis’ murder should call 1-800-CALL-FBI.