BARDSTOWN, Ky. — As the investigation into Crystal Rogers's disappearance continues, the FBI announced a new area of interest in the case. The area of interest is in the vicinity of Poplar Flats Road and Farmaway Drive, located in Bardstown.

What You Need To Know

  • FBI identifies new area of interest in Crystal Rogers disappearance

  • Area includes Poplar Flats Road, Farmaway Drive

  • FBI asks people to remember where they were July 4, 2015

Based on information received from the communtiy, the FBI is asking Bardstown residents to remember where they were during the early hours of July 4, 2015, especially if they were in the area of interest.

The area of interest released by the FBI.

"Were you in the vicinity of Poplar Flats Road and Farmaway Drive?  Can you remember what you saw, or what you may have heard?  Do you recall anything unusual or out of place that morning near that location?  Do you have surveillance cameras that capture this area?" said an update from the Crystal Rogers Task Force website.

Crystal Rogers, a mother of five, went missing from Bardstown in July of 2015. Earlier this month, FBI Louisville announced it was taking over the case. Since, the FBI has searched the home of the main suspect in Rogers's disappearance, and the FBI continues to provide updates online. 

In July, potential human remains were discovered in Bardstown, and officials notified Rogers' family. The remains are being examined in Quantico, Va.