Chief Meteorologist Wes Callison leads the experienced team of weather experts from the Weather on the Ones Forecast Center.

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You can see Wes each weekday afternoon and evening on Spectrum News Kentucky and any time severe weather threatens.

Wes started his meteorological career in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended Saint Louis University. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, he accepted his first job working mornings at the ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was thrown right into the heart of tornado alley and covered everything from tornadoes to blizzards during his three-year stay there.

Wes got a real taste of snow forecasting when he took his second job in the Great Lakes region at the CBS affiliate in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He remembers being blown away by the 106 inches of snow they picked up his first winter there. Wes continued to gain severe weather and storm-chasing experience over the next half-decade as he made his way back toward tornado alley, where he worked at the CBS affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa.

Shortly after getting married, Wes and his wife decided to take a break from the harsh winters of Iowa and spent a few years down in Tucson, Arizona. Although the winters were mild, the monsoon storms kept him very active during the summer months when microbursts and dust storms were common.

After having a baby boy in 2017, Wes and his wife decided it was time to move back closer to family. Their family got a little bigger in 2021 when they welcomed a baby girl into the world. Wes and his wife are thrilled to call Kentucky home and think it is a perfect place to raise their family.

Wes' commitment to continuing education and his dedication to the science of weather helped him to obtain the prestigious CBM Seal from the American Meteorological Society as well as the National Weather Association's Seal of Approval. He has maintained both seals for more than fifteen years.

Wes loves to eat and loves spending time outdoors with his family and dogs. He would love for you to recommend your favorite local spots for dining and some of your favorite parks around the state of Kentucky. He is always available to chat and would love to hear from you.