LOUISVILLE, Ky. — NFAC (Not F***ing Around Coalition) members marched in the streets of downtown Louisville Saturday. But, they weren’t the only group that exercised their Second Amendment rights.

John Subleski and this band of Boojahideen said they wanted to protect the community and stand in solidarity for justice with Breonna Taylor.

“I definitely think people should be trained and we all well trained,” said Subleski. “It is your right to carry and if you don’t exercise it, it’s just another right they are going to try and take from us.”

Other militia groups announced they’ll also be in Louisville after NFAC shared their intentions. Tara Brandeau from the Wild Card Command said that she was concerned about threats she heard about taking over the city and felt their presence was required.

“I just want everyone to remain calm. Let the protesters do what they want as long as they’re calm. They have their First Amendment right,” said Brandeau. “We are here to be neutral. We’re not here to protest.”

Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) set up a buffer zone on 5th Street utilizing bike barricades to keep groups with opposing views separated.

Chris Will from the Firm Initiative said that he believes the barricades served to further deeper divide the groups that were present. 

“Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you can’t occupy the same space,” said Will.

Michell Murrell and Lisa Dunbar decided to come downtown after watching the protests unfold on the news.

“This is sad especially for us to be divided on something as strong as getting justice for Breonna Taylor and all the other names,” said Murrell. “I wish we could come together for justice.”

For Dunbar, she said everyone who decided to show up had the right to be there.

“Everybody has the right. Everybody has the right to bear arms. Everybody has the right to voice their opinion,” said Dunbar.