LOUISVILLE, Ky. — People in Louisville got the first look at the group called NFAC on Saturday.

It’s a traveling militia group whose initials stand for Not F***ing Around Coalition. 

They marched in downtown Louisville with multiple other groups such as the Black Panthers and Black Live Matters.

A Louisville woman who did't want to be identified, walked to Baxter Park where the NFAC had created a staging area.

“I’m appreciative that they’re here. I think it’s needed to see that all people regardless of race and color have guns and are intelligent and can have a great conversation with you and also carry weapons and know how to use them.”

The out-of-state protesters armed themselves with weapons, ranging from rifles, shotguns to pistols and dressed in all black, from clothes, masks and shoes, as part of the uniform.

Their leader is named Grandmaster Jay. He addressed the crowd calling for more answers behind Breoanna Taylor's death almost 100 days ago.

But the protest wasn’t without incident, says this witness, Delta Johnson Brown.

“I was standing kind of close to the gazebo over there. Of course, it was nerve-racking and I came down this way, and once I found out it was an accidental discharge. I put my fear in the back-seat and walked on back over there,” said Johnson Brown.

Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed saying just after 1:00 p.m. Saturday three people were hit by gunfire during an accidental discharge by an NFAC member’s gun.

For Johnson Brown, she said witnessing this protest brought back childhood memories.

“Cause this is a very historical moment. This is really not been done since the Civil Rights Movement with Master Jay and this organization. Things like this haven’t been done since the 60s,” Johnson Brown said.

More protests are planned for Sunday. The leader of the group NFAC did indicate to the crowd that members will continue to stay in Louisville. As for how long, that’s unclear.