LA VERNE, Calif. — There’s just something special about baseball for 14-year-old Camden Farina. He’s spent years playing the game with a traveling baseball team and now, he’s landed a spot with Bonita High School’s baseball team playing pitcher, short stop and first base.

“It’s like my passion. I love the sport. Love baseball and I just love going out to games,” Farina said.

His love for the game brought him to Dodger Stadium Tuesday night where he caught not only a glimpse of the major leagues, he got to take home a piece of Dodgers history.

Right when Cody Bellinger hit the game-changing home run, the ball came flying toward Farina’s direction where he caught the home run ball.

“I was like, ‘Wait. Did I really just do that?’ And I just turned to my mom and said, 'I caught the ball! I caught the ball!'"

As any proud mom, Kimberly Farina was ecstatic to be right by her boy’s side as he caught that home run ball. Now, he is already envisioning what his own future in the sport could be like.

“If I ever go big like that, I want like kids to feel the same way, how I got so excited when I caught the ball. I want them to be just as excited,” he said.

For now, he’s keeping the ball safe in its own case while he continues playing out his dreams on his high school baseball field.

Until then, he’s hoping to get a signature to go with this moment that he’ll never forget.