LOS ANGELES — Trash cleanup is one of the countless service opportunities that 1DayLA is providing for the community this week.

Jason Nettles is volunteering his time at Los Pueblos Public Housing because he believes the city needs hope and healing. It is a part of an overall effort by nonprofit Love Has No Limits.

Their goal is to see the city of Los Angeles united through a simple concept: love.

What You Need To Know

  • 1DayLA is mobilizing volunteers across Southern California for service opportunities to unite the city through love

  • Produced through the nonprofit Love has no Limits, the organization is collaborating with 100 groups to empower the city

  • The week of service opportunities culminates in a free concert on Saturday with Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and more artists

  • The concert, entitled The Freedom Experience, will boast positive music to bring hope to the audience

"Well honestly, just to be out here and make a difference, LA is one of the biggest cities with probably some of the most need(s)," said Nettles. "And we look around, what’s happened in America in this past year. I think people are looking for hope, help, some type of love and activism, and people making a difference. So I wanted to sign up and be a part of this."

As Nettles served food to the community at a block party at Los Pueblos, 1DayLA mobilized 20,000 volunteers across Southern California this week, with opportunities to serve LA through beautification projects, back-to-school events, free medical clinics and more.

“We’re excited to just get all of LA involved, from all people, all backgrounds, just to be able to show that love has no limits,” Nettles said.

As volunteers spend their time with the community, anyone that signs up online to volunteer and help the community is given a private event pass for a culminating concert at the new SoFi Stadium on Saturday featuring Justin Bieber and a star-studded lineup called The Freedom Experience.

Jedidiah Thurner, co-founder of 1DayLA, said this type of community collaboration is exactly what LA needs.

"At the end of the day, love is the one thing that can bring us all together," he said. "We can all agree on loving humanity, helping humanity and doing social good. I couldn’t imagine a better time right now, for the hundreds of organizations to come together, the 20,000 volunteers that are setting aside their logos, their labels, their egos, their uniting with one vision and one voice, to serve and love Los Angeles and really give it an experience it’s never had before,” Thurner said.

The Dream Center is among the many groups actively involved in coordinating and executing service opportunities. Nettles said he feels a responsibility to give back.

"You know, I’m out here because I believe it’s better to give than to receive," he said. "He who’s been loved much, gives much, and I’ve been loved very well, and I look at so much of the need in our city. Honestly, this is my first time in the Pueblos projects, and my heart is moved, and I just have to do something."