SOUTH LOS ANGELES  – Chef Soulo, Derrick Bivens, is the owner of the Billionaire Burger Boyz food truck and restaurant. 

Unlike many food places right now, business at his truck has gone up 30 percent during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It feels amazing that people are coming out and showing up in droves and supporting us, and showing us the love, we’ve been showing them over the years,” Bivens said.


With everything from salmon burgers to jambalaya fries, they have been serving people for three years. Bivens believes their presence in the neighborhood is why customers still are coming now.

“Well they definitely are supporting because of what we’ve soon into the community,” he said.

Less than a mile away, Seafood Chuck Charles Grant, is preparing lobster at his restaurant Seafood Xperience on Florence Avenue. But things aren’t going so great for him, sales are down 60 percent.

“You know, it’s just not there right now,” Grant said.

Before the coronavirus Grant had planned on opening a second shop. Now he’s working in the kitchen just trying to survive.

“Majority of our customers, or new customers come through walk-ins or walk-bys or hearsay from other people. It was the catapulting part of us growing as fast as we did,” he explained.

Now there is no walk-through traffic coming his way, unlike the food truck just blocks away. Both eateries are connected with the same consulting firm. The difference - Billionaire Burger Boyz is food trucking along, while the seafood Xperience is just staying open by faith.

“We ain’t going nowhere. You can order us through Grub Hub, UberEATS, or any one of those delivery services. Call in, pickup, and we’re here,” said Grant

They hope to be here to stay even when the coronavirus is long gone.