REDONDO BEACH, Calif. – Listening to a song can be an emotional experience. It can help people relate to an obstacle in life or embrace feelings of joy, positivity and self-confidence. 

Dennis McNeil, a regular singer and performer at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, turned to singing during this time of COVID-19 restrictions.

What You Need To Know

  • Professional singer found himself with no venue

  • Began performing "Quarantunes" in his front yard

  • Attracted attention and appreciation from neighbors

  • Performances are uplifting during troubled time

“Some of these songs help me get through the day just by planning to sing them,” McNeil said.

While some COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, indoor dining and seated areas remain closed. The closures have left many musicians and performers like McNeil without a stage or an audience to share what they do best. Inspired by the balcony singing events in Italy, McNeil decided to create his own venue right in his Redondo Beach apartment complex’s front yard.



“[it was] kind of like being all dressed up and nowhere to go and I thought, ‘Hey, I’ll come out and sing for my neighbors,” McNeil said.

That thought turned into 50 Quarantune shows so far, for his neighborhood to watch in-person with facemasks and social distancing, and also online shows through his Facebook lives. During each show at 5:30 p.m., McNeil sings uplifting songs for 30 minutes.

For residents like Solange Comer, being able to listen to McNeil perform helps her and her son get through the days.

“It has been amazing. Super uplifting, very entertaining. It’s just bringing a smile to people’s faces right now. I’m lucky that I can ride my bike over,” Comer said.

In the past, McNeil has performed for Queen Elizabeth in London and five U.S. Presidents. He never thought his Quarantune performances would take off in the community the way they have.

“It was kind of novel the first couple of times and now I can’t stop. I feel like I am, I am fulfilling a need a need or filling a gap where I’m people’s evening show. I’m people’s happy hour show,” McNeil said. 

While McNeil might not have a venue to perform at for the time being, he finds solace in uplifting the neighbors around him.