LOS ANGELES – Back when she got discovered, Jewel remembers she almost didn’t sign her record deal, and only did under one condition. 

"I made a promise to myself that my number one job is to be a happy whole human, I didn’t want to be a human full of holes and my number two job was to be a musician," she said. 

The Grammy nominee went on to reach great success, but not without her own troubles.


What You Need To Know

  • Singer Jewel suffered from mental health struggles

  • Overcame them on her way to becoming a success

  • Formed mental health nonprofit to give back to others

  • New single off her upcoming album also deals with mental health


After experiencing mental health struggles growing up, Jewel created a nonprofit, The Inspiring Children Foundation. One of its key programs, Never Broken, tackles mental health among at-risk youth and Jewel says this kind of help is needed now more than ever.

“I call these the silent symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and they will affect 100% of the people. Isolation depression and anxiety and then stemming into more acute conditions, like agoraphobia or panic attacks,” she said.

The foundation has now dedicated its resources to helping people overcome these silent symptoms of COVID-19 with free online mental health. Jewel also released a new single "Grateful," off her upcoming album... delivering the same message of hope and same authenticity about her own struggles that she’s delivered her entire life. 

Jewel says right now, we can and should be taking the time to appreciate ourselves, and help ourselves. 

“What we do to create more happiness. So I think about connection right now because we are being isolated and we have this opportunity right now about what really nourishes me, what connection actually feeds me. Now that I’m home alone and always said I would do X, am I making the time?” she said.  



Since she has spent so much time learning how to better her own mental health, she wants to help people going through the same struggles. 

For more information, go to: inspringingchildren.net