MADISON, Wis. — Kunes, a family-owned automotive group based in Wisconsin, has been actively seeking to grow its team by focusing on individuals, who not only have a passion for cars but also embody high-quality core values. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kunes prioritizes advancing employees from within and has implemented a new apprentice program to attract and retain high school tech talent
  • The company emphasizes being agile, respectful, empowering and servant-minded, ensuring employees embody these high-quality core values
  • Kunes introduced pet insurance this year, continuously seeking to improve benefits and enhance employee satisfaction
  • Kunes is dedicated to giving back, supporting various nonprofits, children’s groups and mission trips, demonstrating a strong commitment to the community

Mauricio Muniz, a finance manager at Kunes Mad City Mitsubishi of Madison, has been instrumental in making car loan dreams come true for customers.

“It’s a very heartwarming and almost a feeling of relief,” he said, reflecting on his commitment to securing the best bank rates for clients.

Muniz said he’s also learning a lot about electric vehicles and bringing that knowledge to the sales floor when guiding customers to help them decide if an EV is right for them.

“There are so many different factors that we have to take into consideration with the electric vehicle market,” he said.

Muniz credits Ian Eichelman, a long-time sales leader, for helping him learn the ropes.

“I’ve been with Kunes for almost 12 years, and just learning new faces and creating that camaraderie really quickly has made things very fluid,” Eichelman said.

Kunes employs about 1,800 people, prides itself on being agile, respectful, empowering and considerate of others.

Alyson Ketterhagen, who works in human resources as a recruiter for the company, said she’s impressed by Kunes’ commitment to growth. The auto group plans to increase its workforce to more than 2,000 as they expand their 45 auto and RV locations.

“We usually try to advance from within if possible, and that’s been a lot of what people have done,” Ketterhagen said.

JD Taskey, a master technician at Kunes in Madison, expressed pride in the company’s new apprentice program, which helps attract and retain high school talent.

“We have a trainer that comes in and works with you individually,” Taskey said.

He also pointed out that the apprenticeship program also assists with tuition and tools for teenagers.

Besides health benefits and unlimited free car washes, Kunes also introduced pet insurance this year, a new perk for its employees.

“They’re always looking to improve our benefits and make it better for the employees,” Ketterhagen said.

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