MILWAUKEE — The Republican National Committee and Trump Campaign announced its leadership team for the 2024 Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee.

The committee includes one man and one woman from every U.S. state and territory. It will create an outline of the GOP’s core principles and values.

Randy Evans, the former ambassador to Luxembourg, was announced as the executive director of the committee.

Russ Vought, who was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Trump administration, was announced as the committee’s policy director.

Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, was announced as the deputy policy director of the committee.

“Ambassador Randy Evans, director Russ Vought and Ed Martin are brilliant and accomplished assets for the leadership of the 2024 Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee,” said Republican National Committee chairman Michael Whatley. “They each have a proven track record of understanding and implementing our party’s America First agenda, and their sound judgement and principled vision will be critical to help lead our party and country to victory in one of the most significant elections of our lifetimes. The Republican Party is well-equipped to lead an American revival by upholding our commitment to liberty and economic prosperity for all Americans under a second Trump administration.”


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