MADISON, Wis — More than a 150 undergraduate student researchers from the Universities of Wisconsin gathered together for the 20th annual Research in the Rotunda at the Capitol. 

What You Need To Know

  • More than 150 students showcased their research
  • The annual event allows undergraduates to share research that can impact public policy

Students were accompanied by faculty advisers to share their research findings with state legislators, state businesses, nonprofit leaders, UW alumni and supporters of the annual event.

The undergraduate research featured a variety of topics, including:

  • “Wisconsin Financial Literacy Education: Are Students Prepared for the Complexities of Financial Decision Making?”
  • “Submerged Treasure: Dendroprovenancing Lake Superior Sunken Timbers”
  • “Mother Computer: Thinking with Natural and Artificial Intelligences”
  • “The Effects of COVID-19 on College Student Stress and Resources”
  • “Preventing NicoTEEN Addiction Through Nurse-Led Education on Vaping: Targeting Youth-Serving Adults”
  • “Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture”
  • “What Do Americans Know? A Study on the Relationship Between Students’ U.S. Civic Knowledge and Their Demographics”

“Undergraduate student research helps students better understand their material, informs faculty teaching, and creates better job opportunities for graduates,” said Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman in a press release. “Our universities are national leaders in helping undergraduates get research experience, and this event is a great way to showcase our students’ successes.”

Research in the Rotunda has the potential to inform public policy as welll as help students progress towards graduation and employment.