MILWAUKEE — In the wake of last month's announcement by HSHS and Prevea that they planned to close hospitals and several medical facilities in-and-around Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, community leaders are still working to help thousands of Wisconsinites make sure they have quality healthcare going forward.

"[Our community] has lost 140 hospital beds," said Nancy Coffey, the chair of the Eau Claire County Board. "Our hospitals can't take all the remaining people... I know a cancer patient who is now going to have to get her treatments in La Crosse instead of Eau Claire."

Now, the Eau Claire County Board is set to meet Wednesday night to discuss a resolution that seeks to, in part, call on HSHS and Prevea Health to delay planned closures and work "collaboratively with the medical community and other local stakeholders to ensure quality healthcare and services continue to be available in the Chippewa Valley."

"We don't want it to happen before [April]," Coffey said. "The Libertas Drug Treatment Center has already closed, so we just want to keep it running until we can maneuver better to possibly get some partners to come up with some better options."

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