MILWAUKEE — On Monday, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson signed a resolution at the Milwaukee Police Department’s 4th District station to crack down on reckless driving in Wisconsin.

If passed into law, it would expand consequences people face for reckless driving.

(Spectrum News 1/Wendy Strong)

“If you engage in that sort of activity, there are going to be consequences. You are going to lose your vehicle and if you are borrowing someone else’s vehicle, guess what, you are going to lose that vehicle for that person. So don’t,” said Johnson.

Milwaukee’s 5th District Alderman Lamont Westmoreland was in attendance. He said people who drive recklessly need to have consequences.

(Spectrum News 1/Wendy Strong)

“If you don’t like citations, if you don’t like your vehicle taken away, if you don’t want anyone else’s vehicle that you are using at risk of being taken away, then it is simple: If it says 35 [mph], go the speed limit,” said Westmoreland.

If the state changes the law, then it would mean first-time offenders of reckless driving could have their cars towed, whether or not they own them.