Wendy Strong is a multimedia journalist at Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin. She believes in building relationships in the community with people from all walks of life, all with the foundation of trust, kindness and respect.

Wendy grew up on Milwaukee’s northwest side. After graduating from Marquette University, she became a feature producer at TMJ-4. Later on, she became an on-air reporter and newspaper writer in a partnership between The Milwaukee Business Journal and Fox 6 News. Wendy never planned to be an on-air personality – in fact, it was one job in her industry she vowed she would never do. But as the saying goes, life is what happens when you are making other plans. 

After a long tenure as a business reporter, Wendy shifted gears and became the Public Relations Director for VISIT Milwaukee. This was followed by a position as Chief Communications Director at Sōsh, a Milwaukee social media management firm. She later ran her own consulting business. During her time in the corporate world, Wendy built on the relationships she had already made in the media by working with a vast array of industries such as commercial real estate, hospitality and healthcare.

Wendy greatly enjoyed her new career opportunities and decided she wanted to take the new knowledge she honed outside the media industry, and go back in. Her true passion had always been connecting with people and learning about their journeys in life.

Outside of work, Wendy is a graduate of the Improv program at The Second City, Chicago. She is also a passionate advocate for shelter animals. She currently has three dogs and a 17-year-old cat, all from local shelters, though she’ll never say she "rescued" her pets – she believes humans have the privilege of adopting shelter animals, and the animals rescue them. 

You can email Wendy at wendy.strong@charter.com.