WISCONSIN — Emergency departments across the state were preparing for an inevitable uptick in patients, as Mother Nature’s latest winter storm set across Wisconsin Thursday.

“There are three main risks that we sometimes see in the emergency department when folks go about removing snow,” said

Dr. Jeff Pothof, chief quality officer at UW Health, said there are three common major health concerns ERs consistently see related to shoveling or snow blowing:

  • Slips and falls
  • Hand injuries from snow blowers
  • Cardiac issues

Pothof said regardless of someone’s overall health, everyone can benefit by taking things slow and steady when it comes to clearing those sidewalks and driveways.

“It’s piece by piece,” Pothof said. “What I would suggest is to take it in pieces, so after a couple of inches fall, maybe go ahead and clear that so it’s not so heavy.”

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