MILWAUKEE — With all of Wisconsin forecasted to plunge back into bitterly cold temperatures over the next few days, Milwaukee Water Works on Friday put out a warning about what to watch for when it comes to burst pipes.

"What we talk about, first and foremost, is maintaining heat to the location of the water meter," said Patrick Pauley, Milwaukee Water Works superintendent,."Typically the water meter — in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee — is located on the front wall in the basement."

Pauley said that a similar deep freeze back before Christmas left no shortage of property owners with burst pipes, leading to thousands of dollars in issues.

He said he simply doesn't want more Wisconsinites to go through the crisis. 

"The first inconvenience when you have a broken pipe is loss of water service," Pauley said. "If the pipe bursts and there's a leak, and the water flows into the basement, there are all sorts of concerns with property damage, foundational damage [and] the water getting into the sewer system."

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