MILWAUKEE— The FDA this week again warned Americans not to take ivermectin— a drug primarily used as a livestock dewormer— after various cable news guests and politicians, including Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, have continued to advocate for its possible use as a COVID-19 treatment for months.

"For COVID-19, they should go to their doctor and if they don't have a doctor, get a doctor," Dr. David Gummin, medical director of the Wisconsin Poison Center, told Spectrum News 1 Tuesday.

So far in 2021, the Wisconsin Poison Center has dealt with 17 cases of ivermectin exposure, compared to 10 cases at the same point in 2020 and 11 cases in 2019.

"We often don't get reliable information about the reason someone would be exposed," Dr. Gummin added, "but at least from the reasons given, maybe a third of the cases that we've heard about this year were people who were tempted into using ivermectin to either treat or prophylax against COVID-19."

You can watch the entire interview with Dr. Gummin above.