MILWAUKEE — As vaccination rates have waned across Wisconsin and from coast-to-coast, and with more booster shots for more Americans on the horizon, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is now working to phase out usage of the term "fully vaccinated."

"What we've now discovered, and not surprisingly as with most vaccines, is that over time immunity wanes," said Dr. Jim Conway, the medical director of UW Health's immunization program. "We've really kind of pivoted into the more typical terminology which is being "up to date.'"

In addition to more people soon qualifying for vaccines or booster shots if they're not already, Dr. Conway added that the hope is our transition to summer and being outdoors will help to keep Wisconsin's COVID case curve lower over the next few months.

"As we saw last summer with people outdoors, windows open, there was a lot less transmission— we're hoping to get into that same space again," Dr. Conway added.

You can watch the whole interview above.