KENOSHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — Officials Wednesday afternoon identified the officer who shot Jacob Blake as Officer Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of Kenosha Police Department.

Meanwhile, more National Guard troops were deployed across Wisconsin as officials — from the local to state level — are asking for calm after two people were killed, some injured and dozens of properties were destroyed in the three days since video of Blake being shot in the back seven times rippled across the nation, sparking the ongoing call for social justice. The Milwaukee Bucks, who boycotted Game 5 of the playoffs against Orlando, answered that call, and prompted the NBA to postpone Wednesday’s games in response as more players and teams mulled making the same decision.

Blake, 29, is paralyzed from the waist down. Blake was shot by Kenosha police on Sunday and the incident was captured in a graphic video apparently filmed by a bystander across the street. Protesters have since continued to gather in Kenosha, and two people were killed and another was wounded during a third night of unrest Tuesday night in Kenosha.

The three officers involved have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation has been turned over to the state’s Department of Justice. 

Here are live updates:

6:00 a.m. In the wake of Tuesday night’s shooting, and hours after President Trump sending members of the National Guard to Kenosha, there was a noticeable smaller, more peaceful crowd Wednesday night.

Most of the demonstrators were from a local group combined with people from Kenosha and surrounding areas.

Organizers said dozens of others have traveled in from out of town each night and many said they’re to blame for the destruction.  

Several came from Chicago, St. Louis, and other cities. One man drove in from Minneapolis on Wednesday, saying he is staying in Kenosha all week for solidarity.

“We’re just here to show solidarity and let Kenosha know that they’re seen, here for moral support,” the man who wished to remain unidentified said. “Just here to be a hand when they need, so we’re just kind of waiting for them to tell us what to do and that’s what we’ll do.”​

10:24 p.m. Police are stressing that there is an enforcable curfew in place. 



10:20 p.m. The energy in Kenosha is beginning to shift as additional groups begin to demonstrate. Protesters are blocking the intersection 22 and 52 Streets. 



10:04 p.m. During the RNC, VP Pence says the violent protests in Wisconsin must stop. 

"Let me be clear: the violence must stop – whether in Minneapolis, Portland, or Kenosha. Too many heroes have died defending our freedoms to see Americans strike each other down. We will have law and order on the streets of America."

He did not say anything about Blake being shot. 

9:33 p.m. Barack Obama reacts to the decision made by the Milwaukee Bucks, NBA and WNBA today.



9:26 p.m. Peaceful protesters in front of the Kenosha County Courhouse are planning to go home soon, but say they'll return for more demonstrations Thursday afternoon.



9:20 p.m. The U.S. Department of Justice confirms that a federal investigation of the shooting of Blake by Kenosha police has been opened, as District Attorney Matthew Krueger said in a press conference earlier today. The FBI will handle the investigation on a federal level, and will work with the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and other state authorities. The federal investigation will share information with state authroities as permitted by law. 

According to a statement issued by the U.S. DOJ, the investigation will be overseen by prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division. Earlier today, Krueger said he hopes opening a federal investigation will alleviate any concerns of bias from the public, despite believing the state-level investigation will not be subject to any personal connections. He also said he welcomes a second opinion on the case. 

9:02 p.m. Plans for protests during the remainder of the week are shared with a group of peaceful protesters who are out past curfew in Kenosha. 



8:32 p.m. Protesters in Madison and Kenosha tell Spectrum News crews that the groups coming to vandalize or get violent are coming from other cities. 

8:13 p.m. U.S. Department of Justice Confirms Federal Civil Rights Investigation Into Shooting of Jacob Blake

8:00 p.m. Kenosha business owners are being told to turn off fuel pumps.

7:48 p.m. Gov. Evers shares his support of the Bucks' statement.



7:24 p.m. Minutes after the curfew has taken effect, protesters are being handcuffed and taken away.

7:00 p.m. Curfew Has Started in Kenosha, Wisconsin, East of I-94

6:52 p.m. The Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds release a joint statement on their decision not to play tonight:

“The players from the Brewers and Reds have decided to not play tonight’s baseball game. With our community and our nation in such pain, we wanted to draw as much attention to the issues that really matter, especially racial injustice and systemic oppression.”

6:50 p.m. Dozens of National Guard members have arrived in Kenosha. 

6:46 p.m. A few hundred people have gathered in Civic Park in Kenosha. It's 20 minutes until the city-wide curfew is enforced. 


6:33 p.m. The Attorney General Josh Kaul says the investigation is moving quickly and material witnesses have been interviewed. The investigation is still on-going. While they want to move quickly, they also want to make sure their investigation is thorough. Kaul adds that he cannot disclose who specifically was interview. He says he believes the government needs to work to ensure agencies are fudned to have body cameras for their officers. 

6:29 p.m. More images for our Spectrum News crew in Kenosha following the aftermath of unrest Wednesday night.

6:25 p.m. Anthony Davis, local president of the NAACP in Kenosha, says people must allow the Blake family to heal. 

"This incident came to Kenosha unexpectedly. Kenosha is not a place where we see things like this every day. We need to come together."

Davis says the process of investigating this case will not be quick. He wants the community to be patient. He also calls for people to deescalate the violence in the city. "Let us have our say...Let us be patient. But above all, let us keep God in the process."

6:19 p.m. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul spoke first at a press conference Wednesday night. He gave updates on the Jacob Blake's shooter and proceeded to say, "what happened yesterday night in Kenosha is despicable." He says the people of Kenosha should be leading the way. Under Wisconsin law, an independent agency with no direct connection to the incident will review the incident. 

6:06 p.m. The Wisconsin DOJ released a statement, releasing details of the Jacob Blake shooting.

"Kenosha Police Department officers were dispatched to a residence in the 2800 block of 40th Street after a female caller reported that her boyfriend was present and was not supposed to be on the premises.

During the incident, officers attempted to arrest Jacob S. Blake, age 29. Law enforcement deployed a taser to attempt to stop Mr. Blake, however the taser was not successful in stopping Mr. Blake. Mr. Blake walked around his vehicle, opened the driver’s side door, and leaned forward. While holding onto Mr. Blake’s shirt, Officer Rusten Sheskey fired his service weapon 7 times. Officer Sheskey fired the weapon into Mr. Blake’s back. No other officer fired their weapon. Kenosha Police Department does not have body cameras, therefore the officers were not wearing body cameras.

The shooting officer, Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey, has been a law enforcement officer with Kenosha Police Department for seven years.

During the investigation following the initial incident, Mr. Blake admitted that he had a knife in his possession. DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Mr. Blake’s vehicle. A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons.

Law enforcement immediately provided medical aid to Mr. Blake. Flight for Life transported Mr. Blake to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. Mr. Blake remains at the hospital.'

5:39 p.m. The Bucks released the following statement in support of their players: 

"We fully support our players and the decision they made. Although we did not know beforehand, we would have wholeheartedly agreed with them. The only way to bring about change is to shine a light on the racial injustices that are happening in front of us. Our players have done that and we will continue to stand alongside them and demand accountability and change."

5:35 p.m. Rep. Neubauer says she is concerned about the videos circulating social media that seem to show law enforcement supporting "armed militia" last nigh in Kenosha.



4:59 p.m. The Brewers have decided to sit out tonight's game against the Reds, following the lead of the Bucks' decision to not play today. The Reds have also agreed to sit out the game, meaning there will not be a forfeit.

4:29 p.m. Madison, Racine and Kenosha area legislators released the following statement in response to gaining additional federal assistance: 

“After three nights of uncontrollable riots and tragic deaths, our communities welcome the federal assistance and additional National Guard members to help local authorities take back our streets and allow for peaceful protests. It is sad that it has taken this long for the governor to seek out the necessary help. Even during the most contentious times, the safety of our citizens is paramount and should always come before politics. No one should live in fear inside their own homes or worry if their business will go up in flames. 

“We continue to stand ready to work with national, state and local officials to ensure that our area receives the assistance and resources it needs moving forward.”

4:28 p.m. Rep. David Bowen releases a statment in response to last night's shooting. He calls lawmakers to action. 




4:12 p.m. The NBA has postponed all of Wednesday's games in direct response to the Bucks' boycott.  Game 5 of each series will be rescheduled. 

3:43 p.m. Senior vice president of the Bucks, Alex Lasry shares his support of the team's decision to boycott. "Some things are bigger than basketball."

3:40 p.m. Before another expected night of protests, buildings are boarded up and some people have already began to peacefully gather in Kenosha.

3:08 p.m. The Bucks are boycotting their fifth playoff game today in wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. The game was supposed to be against the Magic, who left the court when the Bucks did not come out of the locker room.



Earlier today, Bucks' shooting guard Pat Connaughton was seen wearing a shirt that read "Protect Kids. Not Guns."

3:06 p.m. Rep. Steil shares his thoughts on the past nights of unrest in Kenosha. He says the county needs to be able to keep the public safe and calls for an end to violent demonstrations.

2:47 p.m. Kenosha community members are coming together as a community to heal.

2:45 p.m. While officials were speaking in Kenosha, VP Joe Biden shares that he personally has spoken with the Blake family. He calls for peace.

"As I said after George Floyd’s murder, protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary, but burning down communities is not protest. It's needless violence. Violence that endangers lives, violence that guts businesses and shutters businesses that serve the community. That's wrong," Biden says.

"In the midst of this pain, the wisest words that I've heard spoken so far have come from Julia Jackson, Jacob's mother. She looked at the damage done in her community and she said this, quote 'This doesn't reflect my son or my family,'" he says.

2:30 p.m. Eric Johnson is boarding up homes for free ahead of planned protests tonight in Kenosha. 

2:16 p.m: Chief Miskinis: “Across this nation, there have been armed civilians that have come out to protect property.” On the militia groups: "I don't want violence. I have no proof it's a militia."

2:12 p.m. Beth: We are not investiating shootings last night. The city and FBI are. 

Chief Miskinis on reaction of cell phone video of Blake being shot: "I'm not going to comment on that."

2:10 p.m. "The people that really come in and do the damage are form outside Kenosha," said Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth.

2:03 p.m. Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser — “Our county is strong, resilient and we will get through this.”

"My heart breaks for all of those injured or killed."

He thanked everyone who has come out to help cleanup the city. 

There will be a 1 p.m. daily press conference until this passes.

1:53 p.m. Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis — “There’s a clear understanding that Kenosha is full of good people. Peaceful protests are welcome. I support that as an individual. I cannot support violence.”

“Thankfully Mr. Blake is alive and recovering from the incident,” said Miskinis. 

The DOJ is investigating the incident and Chief Miskinis says he doesn't have any details. 

"We become the people investigated, rather than the ones investigating."

1:50 p.m. Gen. Paul Knapp, Wisconsin national Guard — “Number one, I want to express my condolences to families involved in tragedy in Kenosha."

The Wisconsin National Guard responds to requests with the approval from the governor. The national guard does not self-deploy.

They are mobilizing more troops from surrounding states.

“No. 1 Want to express my condolences to families involved in tragedy in Kenosha." Knapp says they look forward to bringing this to a peaceful conclusion. 

1:42 p.m. “We’re not going to put up with what we saw Monday night," said David Beth. He continued to say that several protesters are coming from outside Kenosha, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Illinois.  

1:39 p.m. Kenosha County is moving up curfew from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m. tonight. The curfew will be in affect from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Sunday curfew will last until Sunday. It may last longer than Sunday.

“I’m very proud of the people of Kenosha.” “They let us do our job.” “I want to thank the people of Kenosha for doing that,” said Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth.

We want to disperse crowds in daylight — which is why curfew was moved up.

“We’re going to be very assertive. We’re going to our best to take you into custody for violating curfew."

1:33 p.m. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth — To some people we’re the bad people. To others we are the good guys.

On Monday the numbers grew. We put an all call throughout the state and they showed up in the hundreds.

We didn’t request National Guard on Sunday night. We had our wires crossed. We requested them on Monday night.

Law enforcement throughout Wisconsin brought their resources — people, equipment, technology, riot gear.

1:31 p.m. Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian: “We’re not planning on letting this violence continue.” There is federal law enforcement here, including FBI.

1:23 p.m. Gov. Tony Evers today released the following statement regarding the shooting in Kenosha last night:

“My heart breaks for the families and loved ones of the two individuals who lost their lives and the individual who was injured last night in Kenosha. We as a state are mourning this tragedy. Kathy and I join the people of Wisconsin in offering our condolences to these individuals, their families, and the Kenosha community. 

I want to be very clear: we should not tolerate violence against any person. I’m grateful there has already been swift action to arrest one person involved. The individual or individuals whose actions resulted in this tragic loss of life must be held accountable.  

A senseless tragedy like this cannot happen again. I again ask those who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights please do so peacefully and safely, as so many did last night. I also ask the individuals who are not there to exercise those rights to please stay home and let local first responders, law enforcement, and members of the Wisconsin National Guard do their jobs. 

We must turn from violence and remember that any single act of injustice against one person is less justice for us all. We cannot let the hateful actions of a few designed to create chaos distract us from our pursuit for a more fair, equitable, and accountable state and country for Jacob Blake and the many others who deserve justice. We must work to find strength in each other and our communities to rebuild and move our state forward, together.”

12:58 p.m. Antioch police have arrested a 17-year-old suspect responsible for the city of Kenosha shooting last night

According to a press release from Antioch police, the suspect is a 17-year-old Antioch, Illinois resident and is currently in custody of the Lake County Judicial System pending an extradition hearing to transfer custody from Illinois to Wisconsin.

Kenosha County authorities issued an arrest warrant this morning for the individual responsible for the incident, charging him with First Degree Intentional Homicide.

12:21 p.m. President Donald Trump announced he is sending federal law enforcement, including more National Guard members, to Kenosha immediately, amid ongoing unrest. 

11:31 a.m. Community members in Kenosha spent the morning cleaning up after the night of unrest.

10:00 a.m. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson said the following Wednesday after another night of violence in Kenosha:

“It is heartbreaking that the violence in Kenosha has now escalated to include the loss of human life. Although it will not guarantee peace, Governor Evers should reconsider his refusal to accept President Trump’s offer to send more personnel to restore order. 

“It is now three days since Jacob Blake was shot. I have repeatedly urged peace, and I renew that call today. Anarchy and chaos will not advance justice, and must be stopped.”

9:19 a.m. A look a the scene at 63rd and Sheridan in Kenosha where two people were killed last night. 

8:57 a.m. The Kenosha County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Tony Evers to send 1,500 National Guard members to the city to help with ongoing civil unrest.

Kenosha County Board Chairman John O'Day and Vice Chairwoman Monica Yuhas sent a letter to the governor, asking him to send troops with police powers immediately.

“Our businesses are under attack,” the letter states. “Our homes are under attack. Our local law enforcement agencies need additional support to help bring civility back to our community.”

8:15 a.m. Cleanup is underway in Kenosha Wednesday morning.

7:25 a.m. Four people were arrested in Madison during another night of unrest, police said Wednesday morning. The four reportedly engaged in property damage including spray painting, breakng windows, and starting fires.

6:00 a.m. Two people are dead and another injured after a third night of protests in Kenosha. 

Police responded to the area of 63rd Street and Sheridan Road for reports of shots being fired and multiple gunshot victims.

The third gunshot victim was transported to a hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. The shooting investigation is active an ongoing. 

Officials are looking for a suspect.