KENOSHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- As the city prepared for a third straight night of riots and violence in the wake of Sunday's police shooting of Jacob Blake, the Kenosha Common Council Tuesday voted to grant additional authority to Mayor John Antaramian.

"Discussing specific tactics, discussing specific plans, discussing what certain law enforcement agencies will be doing, I don't think is something we should be doing at this point," Kenosha Common Council President David Bogdala said.

Several council members expressed frustration in the city's ongoing response to the unrest this week, mainly when it comes to communication with residents, saying they'd been left out of the loop by the mayor and police chief.

As such, council members rejected the original proposed ordinance which would have extended the mayor's additional powers for 21 days and accepted a 72-hour window instead, pushing for a council meeting with the mayor and police chief before the weekend.

Specifics of what the ordinance entails aren't easily accessible at this time as the City of Kenosha's website has been down all day.

Stay tuned for additional details from Spectrum News 1 as we get them.