OHIO — Last week a school bus accident took the life of an elementary school student from Northwestern Local Schools District.

Now, Gov. Mike DeWine announced a new task force that will increase safety for students on school buses.


What You Need To Know

  • There are two school bus inspections every year in every school district across Ohio

  • Gov. Mike DeWine attended the one in Mentor, where he announced a new task force group

  • This task force group will work toward making school buses safer for kids


DeWine attended a school bus inspection, one of the two that happen each year, at Mentor Public Schools.

“Highway patrol does this for every bus, every year, twice. These are experts,” he said.

While he learned about bus inspection, he discussed his new task force.

“The formation of a working task force to look at a holistic point of view is there anything else that we can do to make rides of our school kids and our school kids safer every single day,” he said.

The task force will consist of 13 members and they will look at bus inspections, bus construction and the possibility of making seatbelts mandatory in school buses. The task force is expected to meet next month and offer recommendations in December, then it will be up to DeWine to make the changes.

“Follow the data, follow what the best experts that we can find in this country can tell us about how we make our school buses safer, then when we get that back then we’ll have to move and do the things that the recommendations says that we should be doing,” he said.

The goal is to make schools buses even safer.