AKRON, Ohio —The Akron community is invited to attend the official opening of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s House Three Thirty multi-purpose facility on Thursday, March 30 — Akron’s 330 Day.  

House Three Thirty, formerly the iconic Tangier Restaurant & Cabaret, is designed to extend programming for the foundation’s I Promise School students and their families and offer opportunity and entertainment for the community, the foundation has said.

Akron's annual 330 Day, March 30, and the foundation’s House Three Thirty are a nod to Akron’s 330 area code.

More details on House Three Thirty’s official opening will be available soon, the foundation said.

What You Need To Know

  • The community is invited to the LeBron James Family Foundation’s House Three Thirty opening on March 30

  • House Three Thirty is designed to extend programming for I Promise School students and their families

  • To ready House Three Thirty for 330 Day, the foundation enlisted the organizational skills of mDesign

  • Details on House Three Thirty’s official opening will be available soon

To ready House Three Thirty for 330 Day, “expert organization” was required, the foundation said in a brief announcement that included a video titled, “Bringing calm to chaos.”

The video features mDesign designers and I Promise Program students and family members at work at House 330. mDesign is a digital designer, retailer and manufacturer of home decor, storage and organizational products.

“mDesign, the organizational experts, brought their strategic storage to Akron, Ohio alongside over 100 mDesigners from across the country to set the LeBron James Family Foundation’s multi-use space up for success,” the foundation wrote, captioning the YouTube video. “Through this experience, mDesign is helping our team members calm the chaos and clutter in their lives to serve and be their best.”

The work discussed in the video aligns with one of the main purposes of House Three Thirty — to provide workforce training opportunities for I Promise students and their families, the foundation said.

One of the panels in the wall is a secret passage to a coffee shop at House Three Thirty. (Spectrum News 1/Jennifer Conn)

On 330 Day last year, the foundation gave the Akron community a look inside House Three Thirty while the site was under development.

Akronites saw areas designed for events large and small, from banquets and intimate dining to musical and theatrical performances. They looked into secret rooms where coffee and pizza recipes are created.

They toured retail training areas created through the foundation’s partnerships, such as a sweets shop with stock from local chocolatiers and candy makers.

At the Taco Shop by Old El Paso, a must-have for I Promise Taco Tuesdays, large windows overlooked an expansive kitchen training area.

The Cabaret, where national acts performed, will retain much of its character from its Tangier days, as a tribute to the George family, who owned the facility for decades. (Spectrum News 1/Jennifer Conn)

Many areas in the facility had similarly spacious windows or transparent walls.

The Smucker Hometown Hall was being designed for both private and community events, while a more intimate wine room and den were planned to serve smaller gatherings.

“The Block” offered lockers and dressing areas stocked with toiletries and beauty supplies, while a barber shop, beauty parlor with braiding station, and laundry area were underway to enable trainees to look and feel their best, the foundation said.

This year on 330 Day, the community will get a glimpse into mDesign’s organization skill, the foundation said, as it pertains to House Three Thirty’s first cohort of employees — I Promise students, parents, teachers and family members.