COLUMBUS — With less than three months before the May 3 primary, the last spot on the Democratic slate for statewide office has been officially announced.

What You Need To Know

  • Marion Mayor Scott Schertzer has entered the race for Ohio treasurer

  • Schertzer was the only Democrat to complete a petition for the race by last week’s filing deadline

  • Schertzer is expected to face incumbent Treasurer Robert Sprague, who is also running unopposed in the Republican primary

  • Schertzer said recent incidents of scandal in state politics prompted him to run

Marion Mayor Scott Schertzer is running to become Ohio’s next treasurer. Schertzer has been serving as Marion’s mayor since 2008.

He previously worked in the Ohio Treasurer’s Office under Mary Ellen Withrow and the Secretary of State’s Office under Sherrod Brown​.

Schertzer said he is running because small-town values are the bedrock of Ohio and a culture of corruption is changing that for the worse. 

“Quite frankly, I’ve sat back and watched scandal after scandal take place in our state government and when we were ranked the No. 1 most scandalous state in the union last year and then I saw those scandals actually trickle down into local elected officials, I finally said to myself, ‘enough is enough.’ If not me, then who, if not now, then win because we need to get back to the basics,” said Schertzer.

Schertzer will likely take on incumbent Republican Robert Sprague, who is currently serving his first term. Both are running unopposed in the primary.​