MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — A nationwide TikTok trend calling for vandalism in schools has Middletown City Schools officials on high alert. 

What You Need To Know

  • Middletown City Schools said a threat was made toward the high school, but so far no evidence has proven it credible

  • The district asked parents to help educate their children on why executing the TikTok trend is wrong

  • Police presence has increased at the high school out of precaution

In a press release sent out Monday morning, the district asked parents to educate their children on the trend and help them understand why it's important to help keep the schools safe. 

"In the past week, schools around Ohio — and across the country — have been hit by acts of vandalism that appear to be inspired by a trend on the social media app TikTok," the district wrote. "This trend encourages people to steal or damage school property. Our high school alone has had many such incidents, including restroom vandalism and threats of violence toward our students and staff." 

The district wrote on its Facebook page that the police presence at the high school has been increased because of the recent incidents. 

School said officials they won't tolerate the acts being committed. They also understand that many of the students are innocent, writing "we also know that a vast majority of the students do the right thing every day, are proud of their school and grateful for their teachers and custodial staff."

Middletown Schools also acknowledge that a threat stemming from the TikTok trend has been made toward the high school. Officials are working with the Middletown Police Department to identify the person behind it, but wrote on its Facebook that no evidence has been found to make the threat credible. 

Students and parents with information related to these incidents are being asked to contact Carmela Cotter at ccotter@middletowncityschools.com or Middletown Police at 513-425-7704.