COLUMBUS, Ohio — Spectators for the game on Saturday didn’t turn out in the usual crowds Ohio Stadium is used to seeing. Instead, the game garnered the smallest audience since 1971. 

What You Need To Know

  • The lowest turn out recorded for the Buckeyes was Sept. 11, 1971

  • Ohio State has one of the highest attendance rates in college football with around or more than 100,000 fans at each game

  • The Buckeyes beat Tulsa 41-20

The number of fans in the stadium totalled 76,540, which is near its lowest turnout in the last five decades, according to the university.

In the Buckeyes’ season opener against Iowa on Sept. 11, 1971, just 75,596 fans filled the Horseshoe. 

The stadium on average sees more than 100,000 fans — one of the highest attendance rates in college football. It’s a stark contrast to the season opener last week against the Oregon Ducks, which almost sold out tickets with 100,480 fans in the stadium. 

While the Buckeyes fell to the Ducks, the team beat Tulsa 41-20.

The university recently announced new protocols for tickets and parking in an attempt to keep spectators safe from COVID-19, including making tickets digital instead of paper. 

Ohio State will host Akron at home this Saturday.