A new farming program will teach kids how to grow vegetables.

2gether We Eat and the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester held a ribbon cutting for their new hydroponic farm on Monday.

It uses water and nutrients to grow food.

The farm has 135 plants which kids will grow and harvest several times a year.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with 2gether We Eat because it reinforces things we teach to our kids. The importance of nutrition, the importance of learning to do things for yourself, developing those life skills. I’m excited our kids will know how to be gardeners. By teaming up with the experts, 2gether We Eat, we're going to be able to keep this where it's going to be able to happen throughout the year, during winter, because they'll be indoors,” said Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Liz Hamilton.

"This is the way NASA grows their vegetables in space. So we're looking at it as an innovative way to teach our kids to grow green, leafy vegetables that are full of nutrition,” said 2gether We Eat Executive Director Charles Luster.

2gether We Eat is a nonprofit youth farming program. It provides food, training and employment.

They're hoping to create more hydroponic gardens across the city, and to have cooking classes with the food they've grown.​