While the overnight cold front did bring some much needed relief to our temperatures, western Kentucky will continue seeing hot temperatures and high heat indices through Saturday.

What You Need To Know 

  • Highs in western Kentucky will be in the lower-to-mid 90s

  • The heat index will climb up to 110 degrees in the far portions of western Kentucky

  • High temperatures will drop to the lower-to-mid 80s for all of Kentucky on Sunday.

We can't get away from the hot temperatures soon enough, and for a large portion of the Bluegrass, we have closed the door on the heat wave, with highs falling back into the 80s. Although western Kentucky has to tough out one more day before seeing relief. 

High temperatures will reach the low 90s throughout the area. Dew point temperatures will still be in the mid-70s, or what we would normally refer to as a miserable range.

The combination of the warm air and moisture will drive the heat index values well into the 100s, with areas ranging from Madisonville, Paducah, and west of Hopkinsville seeing the heat index reach up to 110 degrees!

As we have done all week, it is crucial that you limit your exposure to the excessive heat. If you have to be outside for any extended period, take breaks, go inside, and let your body relax from the intense temperatures.

Stay hydrated and try to drink extra water even if you do not feel thirsty. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen without realizing our bodies are suffering from the excessive temperatures..

Excessive Heat Warnings are posted where the heat index will climb between 105 and 110 degrees this afternoon. Temperatures are settling around average throughout the eastern half of Kentucky.

A few showers and thunderstorms will be possible during the afternoon and evening hours Saturday and are likely to continue through Sunday, due to a stationary front that has stopped across Central Kentucky.

We can almost agree that some rainfall is a welcome change over from the heat. By Sunday night, expect the rain to move out of Kentucky, setting up a clear overnight to lead into next week.

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