LOUISVILLE, Ky. — June is almost here, and that means you might be seeing some service berries, also known as Juneberries, popping up all over the state. 

The trees are native to kentucky and only in bloom for a short time.

What You Need To Know

  •  Service berry trees are native to Kentucky and begin to fruit in late May and early June

  •  Justin Mog, with the University of Louisville, says they are a great, sustainable treat for the season

  •  The berries are in bloom for a short period 

  • Cherries are also in season during this time 

Sustainability Director Justin Mog from the University of Louisville picks berries every year. 

“So service berries are special because they’re only around for like a couple weeks. Here in late May, maybe into early June, depending on the weather. This year was kind of  an earlier flush because we had such a mild winter and warm spring here,” said Mog. 

He says that service berries are commonly planted as street trees. They’re low maintenance and a snack for people and birds. 

“They start out red and pinkish and then they get darker purple. And the darker they are, the sweeter they are and when they look a lot like a blueberry, they’re ready to eat,” said Mog. 

And service berries aren’t the only fruit you’ll be seeing. 

“It’s also cherry season. You might have a cherry tree in your neighborhood,” 

Mog says that going out to pick your own fruits this season is well worth the effort. 

“This takes just a little bit of effort, but it’s so much fun and it’s so satisfying, and it’s free and it’s organic food right in your neighborhood. And it’s really important for us to recognize value and learn to enjoy the food that is literally right here under our noses that you walk by on the street every day,” said Mog.

All to make sustainability “berry” sweet.