NEWPORT, Ky. — Corporex and Artworks are collaborating, supporting local artist and developing beautiful murals at Ovation. Two murals will be painted on both ends of the development, including one on the Homewood Suites by Hilton Newport Cincinnati.

What You Need To Know

  • New murals are coming to Ovation in northern Kentucky

  • Artworks and Corporex commissioned the murals

  • Artist Emily Howard's piece is going up first

  • Her "I Wrap Myself in Starlight" piece will grace the new Homewood Suites

Artist Emily Howard says she can’t believe her work is being painted on such a large scale.

She said, "To see your work on a larger scale than you could ever work yourself…It’s nice."

The longtime resident says she’s been painting since childhood, and much of her inspiration in her art is from strong women around her.

"I think it comes from the, you know, just the journey of, like, finding your own power. So I find a lot of... reassurance and inspiration in powerful female characters. And I want to live in a world full of powerful women,” Howard said.

The mural displays an angelic woman, surrounded by stars, a halo and a purple galaxy.

Howard mural is titled, “I Wrap Myself in Starlight”. The artist was commissioned by Artworks and Corporex.

Howard added, ”I was really excited to be contacted by Artworks back in, I think it was January, and they asked if I wanted to put my hat in the ring for this project, and I said yes.”

Like Howard, Corporex and Artworks strives to beautify the cities and highlight the work of local artist.

Suzanne Deatherage, Vice President of Marketing for Corporex said, "The vision behind everything here at Ovation, developed by corporate, is really been about connectivity to the river and connecting to our community. And we wanted to bring that to life through what we call casa color, art, sound and architecture.”

The mural is being painted by Artworks mural studio artists, participants in a one-year intensive. It’s an employment program offering emerging artists a start-to-finish mural-making experience.

Ellie Wallace, a participant in the program said, "It’s really different learning to paint things larger, but it helps you kind of step away from getting like, tunnel vision on your own artwork and thinking bigger picture thinking, the math and like the details that go into planning something so large.”

Howard says she wants the mural to bring hope.

Howard said, "I want people to feel hopeful, maybe, like they can also wrap themselves up in the love of the universe.”

The mural is expected to be completed the second week of May and the studio artist will then begin the second mural. The hotel is expected to open end of the year.