UNION, Ky. — Kentucky lawmakers have advanced a constitutional amendment that could prevent Kentuckians ages 65 and older property tax rates from rising.

What You Need To Know

  • Kentucky lawmakers have advanced a proposed constitutional amendment that would freeze the value of homes for homeowners aged 65 and over

  • If it is approved in both chambers, it will be placed on the ballot in the upcoming election for voters to decide

  • The bills lead sponoser is State Sen. Michael Nemes, R-Shepherdsville

  • Deborah Flowers, a Democrat running for state representative, worries it would decrease local tax revenues that would need to be made up somehow

Deborah Flowers is a Northern Kentucky native and newly filed candidate for state representative for the 60th District. She says she’s raised her two children in her home. While showing her home, she shared some family history.

“I’ve been here for 27 years. I’ve been in Boone County for 39 years and before that lived in Erlanger for a few years. But this is my home,” she shared

Senate Bill 23, which was recently filed in the state legislature, will protect Kentuckians aged 65 and older by freezing the value of their homes for tax purposes.

The bill passed the senate in a 32-2 vote on Feb. 12. If it continues to advance, it will be placed on the ballot in the upcoming election for voters to decide.

Initially, Flowers said she agreed with the proposal. Flowers says while it is essential to help seniors, it’s important to think of everyone.

“Somebody is going to have to pay for the monies that are no longer going to be in our counties. Will it be my kids and my grandkids who are going to have to do that?” she pointed out.

The bill’s lead sponsor, State Sen. Michael Nemes, R-Shepherdsville, believes the policy has major benefits to those who meet the requirements.

“I think is helps. Maybe they can’t afford their heat bill or this or that. And it’s minuscule. There is no loss in revenue. This can’t be a loss in revenue because it only kicks in when property values go up in tax,” he said.

Flowers, a Democrat, says while this bill is great for seniors, it does not protect every resident of Kentucky.

“We really have to evaluate every side of anything that needs to be voted on because we need to think how will this affect everybody else,” she explained.

For Flowers, she says she will continue to advocate for all Kentuckians no matter their age.