LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Amid a stretch of bitterly cold weather, a new overnight "pop-up" shelter is open in Louisville's West End. 

What You Need To Know

  • Hope Village and Goodwill Industries have partnered to open a new "pop-up" shelter in Louisville's West End 

  • It includes more than 100 sleeping cots, on-site showers and women- and children-only areas 

  • The shelter is at 1039 S. 16th Street

  • A local Kroger has helped donate food 

Sharon Allgeier, who works for Goodwill Industries' "Another Way" program, helped open the shelter at 1039 S. 16th St. along with Angel Todd, director of operations at Hope Village. Across the street from the California Community Center, it has more than 100 sleeping cots, on-site showers and women- and children-only areas. The space was donated by Coleman Preparatory Academy.

On any given day, Allgeier said she visits the city's homeless camps and encourages people to come out of the cold. She added a nearby Kroger has helped provide food, such as breads and various desserts. 

"[We're] going inside camps, letting everyone know there is a place we can take them to: the shelter," Allgeier said. "We are specifically putting [people] in our vans and bringing them here." 

Nearly 40 people stayed at the shelter Monday, Todd said. She expects more Tuesday night.

"You can come in here and be warm for the night," Todd said. "Just by word of mouth, the numbers are going to increase, I'm sure." 

Allgeier and Todd said they will work to find more space if necessary. The shelter will be available as long as this current stretch of bitter cold lasts, Todd added.