SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. — The Federal Trade Commission along with 17 state attorney generals filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon in September. The suit alleges that Amazon is using anticompetitive strategies to maintain monopoly power.

What You Need To Know

  • The Federal Trade Commission and 17 states filed a lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that the company is using anticompetitive strategies to maintain monopoly power

  • Dana Midkiff, CEO of Pink Door Wreaths based in Shepherdsville, sells most of her hand-made door decor products through Amazon

  • There are thousands of businesses that also sell their products through the company

  • Midkiff is concerned about the impact a successful lawsuit could have on her business

Small businesses that sell their products through Amazon are concerned about a successful FTC suit. Dana Midkiff, the CEO of Pink Door Wreaths, is among those who are concerned.

She says that if the lawsuit is successful, it might impact how Pink Door Wreaths sells its products on Amazon, resulting in downsizing the business. She also worries that it could lead to her not being able to sell through Amazon at all, which would shut her business down.

“When you are making decisions based off of what you’re buying from them, know that you’re buying from businesses like me, who have employees who depend on this and we don’t take these decisions lightly,” said Midkiff. “We want to make sure that everyone is informed, and that the lawsuit hopefully does not go anywhere.”

There are about 500,000 independent businesses in the U.S. that sell their products through Amazon, according to the company.

The suit alleges that Amazon has stopped rivals and sellers from lowering prices, it has degraded quality for shoppers, and is over-charging sellers.

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Amazon for comment on this lawsuit. At this time we have not heard back but will update this story when we do.

The company has previously told CNN: “Amazon works incredibly hard every day to earn customers’ trust, and customer feedback on our shopping experience is consistently positive. Amazon works hard to make it fast and easy for customers to find the items they want and discover similar options by providing a mix of organic and sponsored search results based on factors including relevance, reviews, availability. Price, and speed of delivery, along with helpful search filters to refine their results.”