LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Kentucky Flea Market is hosting 700 booths with a crowd of 30,000 this weekend at the Kentucky Exposition Center. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Kentucky Flea Market has 700 booths to explore

  • The market is at the Kentucky Exposition Center for Memorial Day weekend

  • Booths will be open through Monday 

  • The market is expecting 30,000 visitors 

Alex Ainger is one of the vendors setting up shop in Louisville for the event. 

“I’m known for garden yard art. So, indoor, outdoor metal décor from arbors to gazebos, to rocking birds. You name it, I have it for the yard,” Ainger said. 

Ainger is one of over 700 booths at the Kentucky Flea Market.

The Wisconsin native spends one-third of his year in Kentucky. He travels to flea markets weekly. 

“I do one event every weekend of the year… at least 48 every year, maybe up to 70 before a year,” said Ainger. 

Ainger is a full-time farmer back in Wisconsin. He specializes in lamb meat. 

He considers Louisville his home-away-from-home. 

The market has a wide variety of pop-up shops to browse. From freeze-dried treats to denim vests, there is truly something for everyone. 

The flea market promotions team says they are expecting 30,000 visitors to pass through for Memorial Day Weekend. 

“I hope they come out and have a good time. You know, a lot of them meet up and meet their families out here and they spend the whole day shopping. We’ve got 700 booths and if you go through every row and look at every row, it’ll take a full day,” said Terry Stewart of Stewart Promotions, who helped organize the event. 

Although market days are long, dedicated booth owners like Ainger have a great time. 

“It’s not work. I enjoy seeing people smile,” said Ainger. 

He looks forward to more events and more markets for years to come.