ERLANGER, Ky. — One northern Kentucky election poll worker spends another election day doing what she loves — making sure people can cast their vote.

What You Need To Know

  • Miriam Luca Brown is a judge for the polls, and believes voting is one of the most important ways to have an impact on the community

  • She said she's a poll worker for over 10 years now

  • Brown said she was expecting to see more young voters than she did on Tuesday

  • She said you will see her again as she plans to work the polls again for the General Election in November

Miriam Luca is working the polls as a judge, helping people turn in their ballots and take an “I voted” sticker at St. Barbara Catholic Church on Election Day. She said she’s a pro that’s been doing this for quite some time now.

“This is almost 15 years!” she exclaimed.

Brown knows citizens have the power to use their voice. That’s why elections are so important to her.

“Because we need people who decide about our future. But decide well, please,” she said.

The judge said this Primary Election Day started off busy, with a line forming before polls were open. Voters trickled in and out as the day wore on.

“All the workers, we are happy, because we are busy and we are earning the day,” Brown shared.

She said she was expecting to see more younger voters than she did. Since getting out to vote is so important to her, she said she won’t take any grief about politics from those who didn’t show up to vote.

“I keep telling them have you voted? No, so no complaints. If you did, then go ahead,” Brown explained.

She’s an educator at heart and finds knowledge is power in casting that vote. Her goal is to make a positive impact on the world.

“I want to improve the system. I’m not going to change it, because only one person doesn’t change, but it helps to spread the word which helps. It’s like a domino: you start spreading the word, you start changing things,” she said.

Brown said you can count on seeing her again at the polls for the General Election on Nov. 7, 2023.