LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A seven-story mural honoring The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, is coming to Louisville.

What You Need To Know

  • Shepard Fairey is creating a seven story mural on the west side of Louisville 

  • The artist has created murals all over the world 

  • The mural will take four days to complete

  • The dedication ceremony is April 26th 

Artist Shepard Fairey is leaving his mark on the Chestnut Street YMCA on the west end. 

“Art is a really important thing for communities to have access to," Fairey said. "It’s a tool of tool of therapy, a tool of hope.”

Fairey has created works of art all over the world. He wants to bring communities together through his pieces, and feels Ali's likeness can do just that.

“He’s got incredible principals around philanthropy, dedication, spirituality, he did a lot for civil rights… These are things that are important in every city, but especially here where Muhammad Ali grew up," Fairey said.

Many know him as the artist of the Barack Obama "Hope" poster. Fairey and his team have painted over 100 murals.

"A mural at that scale literally changes the landscape. It changes your view as a citizen within this cityscape," Fairey added. He hopes his work inspires others to create. "It's exciting to see it go from a blank wall to a mural, and if somebody sees us working a little bit at a time I think that they'll go, 'Oh well, maybe that's something I can do as well."

Louisville's mural will be installed over four days. There will public dedication ceremony on April 26.