COVINGTON, Ky. — A Swedish activity is sweeping the Commonwealth. “Plogging” is the newest craze that’s getting Kentuckians moving and picking up trash over the weekend.

What You Need To Know

  •  Plogging is a word and Swedish activity combining jogging and pickup

  •  The activity made its way into the U.S. and a group in Covington has picked it up as a way to beautify the community

  •  Keep Covington Beautiful joined other cities across the commonwealth in a trash dash event to pick up litter on Saturday

  • Community members said it's a fun event to get them moving while allowing them to help their community

As spring weather picks up, Melissa Silberstang is out walking through Covington.

“Been a little couped up and it’s nice to get out and get some exercise in,” she said.

She joined a group from the community to go out walking or jogging through parts of the neighborhood they call home. They’ve got grabbers and trash bags in hand as well.

The group is spending their Saturday getting in some exercise while picking up litter.

“It’s mostly like little pieces of trash and then bottles, cigarette packs, and some of the usual stuff you find. Some weird stuff, too — we found a DVD,” explained Silberstang.

Silberstang and others did this as part of a trash day event, also known as “plogging,” held locally by Keep Covington Beautiful.

Officials with Keep Covington Beautiful say the word plogging combines jogging and pickup— a combo that gets people moving and helps spruce up the neighborhood.

“This is a Swedish activity. Keep America Beautiful brought it to the U.S.,” explained Sheila Fields, co-director of Keep Covington Beautiful.

Fields says that though it might have gotten its start in Sweden, plogging is taking over the commonwealth now. She says it’s a collaborative effort under Keep Kentucky Beautiful.

Plogging is taking place in other cities across the state to get Kentuckians active and clean up their communities as we thaw out from winter time.

“This is the first time we’ve come together,” Fields explained. “We hope that our collaborative will gain strength as we move forward and we encourage other affiliates to join this coalition.”

Silberstang says she’s all for getting out to exercise and beautify the neighborhood. She thinks the combination is something that will stick with her and hopes others join in picking up litter while out and about.

“I think the more people who do this, and the more we just clean up as we go along just on our daily walks and stuff, then the better it’ll be,” Silberstang said.

For her, keeping the community clean is more than just a day’s effort.

Keep Covington Beautiful representatives say they work throughout the year to keep the city clean and inviting.

Their spring Great American Cleanup is set for April 29 for those looking to volunteer.