PARIS, Ky. — We first reported the plight of one Paris mom, Cheryl Lopez, back in April. On Aug. 12, 2018, a car accident inflicted her 23-year-old son Duron Addams with traumatic brain injury. As a result, he suffered from partial paralysis, motor impairments and short-term memory loss.

What You Need To Know

  • Duron Addams fights to recover from a TBI

  • It's been four years since the accident but Addams is making progress

  • Addams' family created a nonprofit to raise TBI awareness

Over the last four years, however, Addams has worked hard to regain what he said he once took for granted. Spectrum News 1 checked in to see how he and his family were doing.

According to Lopez, it’s been a challenging road. “He still struggles with a lot of things, just like any other traumatic brain injury person does,” she said.

Lopez also explained that directly after the accident, Addams spent 17 days in a coma. Still, Addams himself remains optimistic.

He flagged some signs of progress, saying, “I have made a big improvement. Along with therapy, my speech is definitely getting way, way better. I’m moving a little forward with, like, you know, moving my arm a little bit more.”

That said, all these struggles are the reason Addams’ family created a nonprofit in his name. Called Duron’s Journey, the organization works to raise awareness of TBI in the local community. According to the group website, it’s also dedicated to providing “support, care and educational resources for caregivers and parents of individuals with TBI, especially in Paris, Kentucky.”

In fact, the nonprofit plans to hold a Duron’s Day event in honor of the last four years. Lopez hopes the gathering will help the group show others with TBI in Kentucky that they’re not alone.