BOONE COUNTY, Ky. — Homeless dogs and cats often end up in animal shelters. For a stray pup, that time spent waiting on someone to give them a forever home is unknown.

Animal Care and Control Director Colleen Bray said these animals in Boone County are housed in a shelter built from a dated 1960s design.

What You Need To Know

  • Boone County Animal Shelter has a 1960s structure and has seen two additions and small remodels 

  • Boone County Animal Control and Care sought professional opinions on the shelter 

  • The opinion found that they're in need of a new shelter 

  • It's a $6 million project with over $5 million raised so far

That design of course came with a couple of additions over time – one in the 1990s and the last one in 2006. Small remodels have also taken place over time.

Bray said through research and work with county officials, the Boone County Animal Control and Care sought professional opinions nationwide. The result found that a new shelter was needed.

“We do need a ventilation upgrade, drainage is an issue here, and our basic functions are outdated,” Bray said.

Through the authorization of the Boone County Fiscal Court, a public-private partnership was made. A capital campaign was created to raise $6 million for constructing a new shelter.

More than $5 million of that has already been raised. Bray said it’ll better serve those living inside waiting on that forever home.

“Animals that are in our care, we want to make sure they have the utmost comfort level that we can afford them,” Bray said.

Not only do animals benefit, but people do too. Designs are in the works to incorporate more ability for human and furry four legged best friends to meet and socialize.

“Increased opportunities for the public to come in, be comfortable visiting our animals, appropriate spaces to have meet and greets and spend time with those animals,” Bray said.

Bray said they are looking forward to locking down a site to build on and starting construction next year.

With the campaign live, officials will be hosting a public event about this. They've selected a tentative date for February 5, 2022 at the Boone Links Golf and Event Center. If weather puts a halt on that, the date will be moved to February 26, 2022.