LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The largest vaccination site in Kentucky is about to open at Louisville's Cardinal Stadium.

What You Need To Know

  • Cardinal Stadium's COVID-19 vaccination site opens on Monday

  • Appointments can be made online through UofL Health

  • Vaccinations will be free to all

  • While making appointments is encouraged, drive-ups are also welcomed

Hundreds of orange cones cover the parking lot south of Cardinal Stadium in Louisville. They, along with more than 100 hundred volunteers, will guide drivers through a massive vaccine site opening April 12.

The operation is capable of giving 4,000 shots a day.

“My hope is yes, I really want us to be maxed out every single day for where we are looking for more opportunities to get people though," Dr. Hugh Shoff Associate Medical Director of UofL Health said Wednesday.

Kentuckians can register online through UofL Health or simply show up beginning April, 12, though registering beforehand is preferred.

“[If] you end up at the last minute wanting to come out and get a vaccine, we have the ability to take you as well," Shoff said.

Shoff's mission is to remove as many hurdles as possible to getting a vaccine. At the moment, any healthy person aged 16 and up can register for a shot in Kentucky.

The Cardinal Stadium site will be the metro's primary vaccine site as operations shift from the Kentucky Expo Center.

“Here we felt like the access I-65 as well as the Watterson, it really brought the ability for not just people in Louisville but people in the county and outside the county easy access to get back here and out," Shoff explained

UofL Health's Dr. Hugh Shoff Readies Kentucky's Largest Vaccination Site


Processing thousands of patients a day requires hundreds of volunteers. On Wednesday, members of Americorps from across the country were on-site training, including Talia Ben-Yosef from Maryland.

“I was pretty prepared for the size but this is much bigger than I expected," Ben-Yosef said. She most recently was helping with a mass-vaccination site in Tuscon, Arizona.

“As a future nurse I’m super excited to gain this experience and helping communities in Kentucky," Ben-Yosef said.