LEXINGTON, Ky. — More healthcare workers are getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Kentucky's second largest city. 

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department held its second COVID-19 vaccination clinic offering more Moderna doses.

Shawn Taylor, a pediatric doctor, is usually on the other side asking routine questions, but on Wednesday she was among hundreds of healthcare workers getting the injection.

“Let’s get this vaccine in. Let’s go,” Taylor said.

She can’t hide her enthusiasm.

“It’s a smooth process, it worked well," she said. "I've gotten the shot. I have no symptoms at this point or no repercussions from the vaccine and I am feeling good and excited to get the second one."

She is part of a small practice. This clinic gave her staff an opportunity to get the vaccine when they cannot get it through a hospital.

“Because the number of vaccines you’d need, the storage of the vaccines and you want to make sure you do it appropriately in a correct license, this is a new vaccine,” Dr. Taylor said.

In fact, the Lexington Fayette County Health Department partnered with the Lexington Medical Society to get the Moderna vaccines to smaller and medium-size practices.

“We’re looking at having these clinics on a regular basis,” said Christina King, communications generalist with the Lexington Fayette County Health Department. “Right now they are not open to the general public as we are still in phase one a which is for medical professionals, medical workers, those medical workers are at a higher risk of infection and complications from COVID-19.”

Last week they administered 200 doses, this week they are administering at least 900 vaccines.

As supply increases, Dr. Taylor hopes it encourages more people to sign up for the vaccine when it's available to them.

“I am concerned with the amount of misinformation that is on social media and the amount of people that I hear saying they’re not going to get the vaccine and i think the vaccine is one of the things that’s going to help get us through this so I feel its very important for people to get vaccinated for it,” Dr. Taylor said.

The health department says healthcare providers who received their vaccine Wednesday had to pre-register in advance to receive their shot.