Khyati Patel is an award-winning journalist covering anything and everything in Kentucky. 

Originally from Houston, Texas, Khyati taught in an early childhood classroom for 10 years, then transitioned into broadcast journalism in 2014 at a television station in College Station, Texas. 

Khyati quickly learned to wear all the hats at her new job, which eventually landed her a reporter and multimedia journalist role in Lufkin, Texas, a small town two and a half hours from Houston. Within three months as a reporter, she earned the 2017 Alafair Hammett Media Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Education Journalism. She joined Spectrum News 1 Kentucky in November 2019 as a reporter and has covered stories in Northern Kentucky, Lexington, and Louisville.  

Khyati is passionate about the art of crafting a story and learning new techniques in the process. She loves exploring topics related to education and reporting on issues that impact communities.