KENTUCKY — As Kentucky faces a critical shortage of poll workers, Secretary of State Michael Adams announced an online portal where people can register as poll workers for November.

What You Need To Know

  • New online portal allows residents to register as poll workers this November

  • Kentucky faces critical shortage of poll workers

  • Portal passes application to volunteer's county clerk

The Poll Worker Volunteer Portal is available online. The portal passes an application on to the volunteer's county clerk, who will then contact the volunteer. 

According to a statement released from Adams' office last month, the lack of in-person polling places in June was due to a lack of poll workers. By law, each precinct voting location must have four poll workers, evenly split between registered Democrats and Republicans.

“Just as we’ve made it easy to vote, we’ve made it easy to serve your community by volunteering to work the polls,” Adams said. “Whatever your politics, we need your help so we can offer in-person voting, and also so we can ask less of our elderly poll workers who usually volunteer.”