BOONE COUNTY, Ky. — There's a call for young poll workers for the November general election. That's because they aren’t considered “high risk” for coronavirus.

What You Need To Know

  • Desperate need for poll workers across the state for November

  • With 120 counties and 3,700 polling locations, approximately 15,000 volunteers needed

  • Average age of current poll workers is 79

  • Looking for younger volunteers to assist

“Under this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re going to need more than normal or put out the word more than normal,” said Justin Crigler, Boone County Clerk.

He said the average poll worker is 72-years-old.

“A lot of them, because of the COVID-19 pandemic do not want to work and that’s completely understandable, so we’re trying to recruit many more poll workers than we would normally need and trying to get the word out to get them so we can hopefully open all the polls up,” Crigler said.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we vote.

Crigler is hoping to have more or all of his polling places open in the fall. But his fear is, if there aren’t enough poll workers, it might mean reduced poll locations.

This issue isn’t only relevant Northern Kentucky, it’s statewide.

“There's 120 counties in the State of Kentucky. I think all counties will face this on some level,” Crigler said.

This month, Secretary of State Michael Adams put out an SOS calling for more poll workers.

Crigler said each poll location needs about 4 to 6 poll workers. If all poll locations are operating in November, he’s looking at needing anywhere from 250 to 380 poll volunteers.

Adams said a typical Kentucky election has about 3,700 voting locations and 15,000 poll workers. This year it could look different.

Crigler plans to urge Adams to continue operating polling locations in November versus the mail-in ballot. Ultimately, he said it’s a decision between Adams and Governor Andy Beshear.

Regarding Voter ID law, we’re still waiting to understand when or if that will go into effect this fall.