WADDY, Ky. — Kentucky has lots of farms and lots of bourbon. One farmer in southeastern Shelby County combined the two.

What You Need To Know

  • Sausage is infused with bourbon flavor

  • Product may be purchased online

  • Farm owner says bourbon and sausage are both "feel-good foods"

  • Pork is free of additives

Bob and Jennifer Anderson own Lost Ash Ridge Farm in Waddy, a 40-acre piece of land that is home to Galloway cattle, heritage chickens and Berkshire pigs. The farm produces all types of meat, but it is also home to a unique offering: Southern Sweet Kentucky Bourbon sausage.

“The marinade perfectly encapsulates the Kentucky Bourbon flavor,” Bob said. “It’s a sweet and flavorful treat that is perfect to enjoy any time.”

Bob said offering a bourbon-flavored sausage is common sense.

A package of Sweet Southern Kentucky Bourbon sausage from Lost Ash Ridge Farm in Waddy. (Spectrum News 1/Brandon Roberts)

“We’re in Kentucky, and everything here is about bourbon,” Bob said. “I wanted to make sure it didn’t taste like straight bourbon, and it doesn’t. It has all the subtle flavor bourbon has but still tastes like sausage. I’m thrilled to be offering a product like this. In Kentucky, this sausage is perfect. When I heard the name, I thought it sounded like it might sell here.”

Bob retired as a self-employed roofing contractor in the mid-1990s to try farming. He moved from Louisville to Waddy and started researching different breeds of cows, chickens and pigs. He said he chose the ones he did to help preserve old breeds that need less input from the farmer. 

“They may not grow as fast, but produce wonderfully and have healthier qualities,” he said. “We wanted our animals to live the most natural lives possible, and heritage breeds have proven to be perfect for that. We are driven by wanting to provide our family and customers with healthy and tasty products that they can feel good about eating. Meat and bourbon are both feel-good foods, so why not combine them into one product?” 

Southern Sweet Kentucky Bourbon Berkshire sausage is free of antibiotics, MSG and GMO feed.

The sausage is available from the farm’s page on marketwagon.com.