MADISON COUNTY, Ky. — Some school districts in Kentucky are heading back to in-person classes this week.

What You Need To Know

  • Madison and Franklin Counties returning to in-person teaching

  • We spoke with a mom who is also a teacher who looks forward to having a schedule for herself and her children

  • Both districts are doing hybrid models where kids are in classes some days and virtual on others.


Among them includes Madison County Schools, located just southeast of Fayette County.

“I’m so excited. I’m a little nervous, I think I’ve forgotten how to teach in person but I'm excited,” said Abby Brown, a parent, and teacher. “I’m excited to start getting back to schedule. In my house I know we are better people when we have a schedule.”

Brown teaches third grade and she’s also a mom to a 5-year-old.

“It’s starting all over,” she explains giving her daughter, Annie, a refresher on what it means to go back to school.

“We’re having to talk it up a lot more than what I would want,” Brown said.

During the pandemic, entire households have had to rely sometimes on unreliable technology.

“The internet sometimes wouldn’t always hold us all there and then I didn't know what was expected for Annie,” Brown said. “As a five-year-old, she can’t always relate to me 'oh my teacher said I need to do this.'”

The school district has ebbed and flowed since the beginning of the school year from virtual learning to in-person. Last fall, they went into a virtual model and remained until Monday.

Madison County Schools is using a hybrid model of in-person learning, alternating schools day for students based on last names.

Meanwhile, students also returned to school in the Franklin County School District. Their model is two days of in-person instruction and three days of virtual for the whole district.